What if you could change your life by changing your pillow?

Sleep Better. Live Better.

Over 60% of the world sleeps on their side, yet the pillow industry has virtually ignored their need for a more supportive pillow that fits each individual's height needs, but is still comfortable. We side sleepers have largely been conditioned through the years to not expect to find a pillow that feels like it was made for us. We have had to fold our pillow, or stick our arm under it for our entire lives. Today, common sense and technology have brought us exactly what we've needed. 



Get better rest.

Sleep allows your body to recover. If you aren’t sleeping through the night, your body is missing out on the opportunity to restore and regain the energy it used during the day. Our pillow allows you to get a full night’s rest so you wake up feeling refreshed.


Feel less pain.

Do you ever wake up feeling stiff and store? This morning pain in your neck and back can be attributed to sleeping with improper alignment. Our pillow easily adjusts your head to the perfect position, so you wake up the next day with ease and relief.


Increase your performance.

How you sleep during the night determines how you perform during the day. If you aren’t sleeping well, you’re likely struggling with mental clarity and sharpness. Proper rest will improve your performance and give you the lasting energy you need to thrive.



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At SleepSmart, our vision is to help people rest better.

We surveyed over 1,000 people about their sleep habits. We investigated over 100 pillows. After years of market research, we spent 10 months actively developing our product, rapidly iterating through prototypes and incorporating feedback. We tested 8 rounds of prototypes - always with the side sleeper in mind - and landed on a design that offers the ideal head and neck posture for this demographic. We are in the process of getting the design ready for production!

 Sleepsmart Production Timeline

Better rest is coming soon to Indiegogo...


We need your help!

  We will be launching our Indiegogo campaign soon. Until then, we want to get the word out to as many side sleepers out there as we can!